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ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, ASP.NET AJAX, and More | MSDNLast updated 1/30/2011What's New in Visual Web DeveloperLast updated 11/13/2011what is aspLast updated 4/15/2013Writing ProceduresLast updated 4/15/2013TypeLibrary DeclarationsLast updated 4/15/2013Caching ASP ContentLast updated 4/15/2013XML Notepad 2007 DesignLast updated 11/3/2011FileSystemObject ObjectLast updated 5/14/2013Debugging ASP Applications in IISLast updated 4/15/2013FileSystemObject Sample CodeLast updated 5/14/2013FileSystemObject MethodsLast updated 12/20/2017Statements (VBScript)Last updated 11/24/2017Active Server Pages TutorialLast updated 4/15/2013Changes in ASP Features in IIS 5.1Last updated 4/15/2013ASP Built-In Object EventsLast updated 4/15/2013OBJECT DeclarationsLast updated 4/15/2013How to: Debug Global.asa filesLast updated 4/15/2013ADO FundamentalsLast updated 5/14/2013With Statement (VBScript)Last updated 11/24/2017Using Scripting Languages to Write ASP PagesLast updated 4/15/2013Microsoft Beefs Up VBScript with Regular ExpressioLast updated 8/11/2016Sysgen Tool (Sysgen.bat) (Windows Embedded CompactLast updated 7/31/2011Calling COM Components from ASP PagesLast updated 4/15/2013ADO Object ModelLast updated 5/14/2013About the Windows Driver Kit (WDK)Last updated 8/5/2011ActiveConnection Property (ADO)Last updated 1/3/2012Key Differences Between Visual Basic for ApplicatiLast updated 11/24/2017Shutting down CodePlex | Brian Harry's blogLast updated 7/24/2017Frameset.Height Property (Word)Last updated 8/28/2017Recordsets Collection [Access 2007 Developer ReferLast updated 9/7/2017Exists Method (Script Runtime)Last updated 12/9/2017Event Objects (Windows)Last updated 12/6/2017ExecuteGlobal StatementLast updated 11/22/2017Application Object (Excel)Last updated 11/3/2017Items MethodLast updated 12/9/2017Add Method (Script Runtime)Last updated 12/9/2017Keyboard Input Constants (Windows)Last updated 11/10/2017Microsoft Locale ID ValuesLast updated 11/3/2017Object variable not set (Error 91)Last updated 12/5/2017Initialize EventLast updated 12/9/2017WinNT Custom User Properties (Windows)Last updated 11/3/2017CreateObject Function (Visual Basic)Last updated 11/3/2017GetObject FunctionLast updated 11/3/2017Dictionary ObjectLast updated 12/9/2017Terminate EventLast updated 12/9/2017Err Object (Visual Basic)Last updated 11/3/2017Assignment Operator (=) (VBScript)Last updated 11/18/2017ByRef and ByVal ParametersLast updated 11/22/2017Imp OperatorLast updated 11/18/2017Debug ObjectLast updated 11/29/2017Eqv OperatorLast updated 11/18/2017FormatNumber FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017FormatPercent FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017Empty KeywordLast updated 11/26/2017Introduction to F12 Developer Tools (Windows)Last updated 11/27/ updated 11/10/2017Debugging Script with the Developer Tools (InterneLast updated 11/27/2017Creating Arrays of ObjectsLast updated 11/29/2017Nothing KeywordLast updated 11/26/2017Constants (VBScript)Last updated 11/26/2017Keys MethodLast updated 12/9/2017Class ObjectLast updated 11/29/2017Working with CollectionsLast updated 12/5/2017Number Property (VBScript)Last updated 11/27/2017Regular Expression Object Properties and Methods (Last updated 12/11/2017Source Property (VBScript)Last updated 12/10/2017Regular Expression Programming (Scripting)Last updated 12/11/2017Replace Method (VBScript)Last updated 12/11/2017Alternation and Subexpressions (Scripting)Last updated 12/11/2017Backreferences (Scripting)Last updated 12/11/2017Test Method (VBScript)Last updated 12/11/2017Global Property (VBScript)Last updated 12/11/2017Execute MethodLast updated 12/11/2017Pattern PropertyLast updated 12/11/2017Debug Object MethodsLast updated 12/10/2017Introduction to Regular Expressions (Scripting)Last updated 12/11/2017JScript User's Guide (Windows Scripting - JScript)Last updated 12/11/2017Regular Expression (RegExp) ObjectLast updated 12/11/2017Matches CollectionLast updated 12/11/2017FirstIndex PropertyLast updated 12/11/2017Length PropertyLast updated 12/11/2017Value Property (VBScript)Last updated 12/11/2017SubMatches PropertyLast updated 12/11/2017Match Object PropertiesLast updated 12/11/2017IgnoreCase Property (VBScript)Last updated 12/11/2017Err Object Properties and MethodsLast updated 12/10/2017RemoveAll MethodLast updated 12/9/2017GetObject Function (Visual Basic)Last updated 11/3/2017Count Property (Script Runtime)Last updated 12/9/2017Item Property (Script Runtime)Last updated 12/9/2017Key PropertyLast updated 12/9/2017CompareMode PropertyLast updated 12/9/2017Clear Method (VBScript)Last updated 12/10/2017Raise MethodLast updated 12/10/2017Description Property (VBScript)Last updated 12/10/2017HelpContext PropertyLast updated 12/10/2017Locale ID (LCID) ChartLast updated 9/19/2017Remove Method (Script Runtime)Last updated 12/9/2017LTrim; RTrim; and Trim FunctionsLast updated 9/20/2017WriteLine MethodLast updated 12/10/2017Write MethodLast updated 12/10/2017HelpFile Property (VBScript)Last updated 12/10/2017Exponentiation Operator (^)Last updated 11/17/2017Split FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Space FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Sin FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Sgn FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017SetLocale FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Second FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017ScriptEngineMinorVersion FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Variants Supported in VBScriptLast updated 11/17/2017LongLong Data TypeLast updated 11/17/2017Data Type SummaryLast updated 11/17/2017StrComp FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017String FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017VarType FunctionLast updated 11/17/2017ScriptEngineBuildVersion FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017ScriptEngine FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Round FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Rnd FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017How to identify Windows version and edition with VLast updated 11/17/2017Right FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017WeekdayName FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017[MS-LCID]: Appendix A: Product BehaviorLast updated 11/3/2017The Document ObjectLast updated 11/3/2017[MS-OE376]: Part 1 Section 2.5, Application ConforLast updated 11/2/2017[MS-OE376]: Part 4 Section, LCID (Locale Last updated 11/2/2017Sqr FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Year FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017RGB FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Weekday FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017VarType FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Unescape FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017UBound FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017TypeName FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017TimeValue FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017TimeSerial FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Timer FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Time FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Tan FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017StrReverse FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017Table of Language Culture Names, Codes, and ISO VaLast updated 11/2/2017IsArray FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017Arithmetic OperatorsLast updated 11/17/2017Left FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017LBound FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017Xor OperatorLast updated 11/18/2017Join FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017IsObject FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017IsNumeric FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017IsNull FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017IsEmpty FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017IsDate FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017Not OperatorLast updated 11/18/2017And OperatorLast updated 11/18/2017Int, Fix FunctionsLast updated 9/19/2017InStrRev FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017InStr FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017Logical Operators (VBScript)Last updated 11/18/2017InputBox FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017Hour FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017Logical Equivalence XORNOT (eqv)Last updated 11/18/2017Hex FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017GetRef FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017GetObject FunctionLast updated 9/19/2017GetLocale FunctionLast updated 9/19/ updated 11/17/2017Replace FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017Oct Function (VBScript)Last updated 9/20/2017Now FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017MsgBox FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017Multiplication Operator (*) (VBScript)Last updated 11/17/2017Integer Division Operator (\)Last updated 11/17/2017Mod OperatorLast updated 11/17/2017Addition Operator (+) (VBScript)Last updated 11/17/2017Or OperatorLast updated 11/18/2017Comparison Operators (VBScript)Last updated 11/17/2017Microsoft Locale ID ValuesLast updated 9/19/2017MonthName FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017Concatenation Operator (&)Last updated 11/18/2017Month FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017Minute Function (VBScript)Last updated 9/20/2017Mid FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017Math FunctionsLast updated 9/20/2017Log FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017ScriptEngineMajorVersion FunctionLast updated 9/21/2017LoadPicture FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017Len FunctionLast updated 9/20/2017Subtraction Operator (-) (VBScript)Last updated 11/17/2017Execute StatementLast updated 11/22/2017Remote Assistance (Windows)Last updated 1/24/2018Expression Encoder 4Last updated 3/10/2018Import a Silverlight 1.0 site from Expression EncoLast updated 3/10/2018Let’s have Fun Encoding and Streaming with ExpressLast updated 3/10/2018Using multiple Expression Encoder sessions to perfLast updated 3/10/2018Remote Desktop Services (Windows)Last updated 1/22/2018Terminal Services Is Now Remote Desktop Services (Last updated 1/22/2018How to: Hold Money Values in a Variable (Visual BaLast updated 11/17/2017[MS-VBAL]: Predefined Procedural ModulesLast updated 11/11/2017Data PortabilityLast updated 11/11/2017Color ConstantsLast updated 11/11/2017Comparison ConstantsLast updated 11/11/2017Date and Time ConstantsLast updated 11/11/2017Date Format ConstantsLast updated 11/11/2017Miscellaneous ConstantsLast updated 11/11/2017While...Wend StatementLast updated 11/21/2017String ConstantsLast updated 11/11/2017Tristate ConstantsLast updated 11/12/2017Rem StatementLast updated 11/18/2017MsgBox ConstantsLast updated 11/11/2017Using ArraysLast updated 11/17/2017VarType Constants for Visual Basic 6.0 UsersLast updated 11/17/2017[MS-OAUT]: VARIANT Type ConstantsLast updated 11/17/2017Character Sets (Windows)Last updated 11/11/2017Surrogates and Supplementary Characters (Windows)Last updated 11/11/2017VarType ConstantsLast updated 11/17/2017Asc, AscW FunctionsLast updated 11/11/2017[MS-VBAL]: InStr / InStrBLast updated 11/11/2017Managing a LibraryLast updated 11/11/2017true LiteralLast updated 11/17/2017Exit StatementLast updated 11/22/2017Visual Basic ConstantsLast updated 11/12/2017Core Language ConstantsLast updated 11/12/2017Constants and Enumerations (Visual Basic)Last updated 11/12/ updated 11/17/2017Set StatementLast updated 11/18/2017VarType ConstantsLast updated 11/12/2017Why Server Property not available in .vb class filLast updated 6/6/2019ADO.NETLast updated 6/4/2019Global.asax SyntaxLast updated 6/1/2019MSDN Magazine IssuesLast updated 6/6/2019New babie for Vb.netLast updated 6/6/2019Cutting Edge: Binary Serialization of ADO.NET ObjeLast updated 6/6/2019Flex Your Data: Teach Old Data New Tricks with theLast updated 6/4/2019.NET Framework 4.7, 4.6, and 4.5Last updated 3/22/2018Articles and OverviewsLast updated 3/22/2018Converting ASP to ASP.NETLast updated 3/21/2018Regular ExpressionsLast updated 1/15/2019Execute String as code in vb.netLast updated 6/26/2019How I can install Access Database Engine without uLast updated 8/16/2019Class cannot be indexed because it has no default Last updated 6/24/2019Error Codes & Messages In VB.NETLast updated 9/1/2019DateSerial FunctionLast updated 9/18/2017CInt FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017VBScript Version InformationLast updated 9/16/2017CStr FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017CLng FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017Date FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017CSng FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017Cos FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017Conversion FunctionsLast updated 9/17/2017DateDiff FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017DatePart FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017CreateObject FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017DateAdd FunctionLast updated 9/17/2017DateValue FunctionLast updated 9/18/2017Day FunctionLast updated 9/18/2017Escape FunctionLast updated 9/18/2017Eval FunctionLast updated 9/18/2017Do...Loop StatementLast updated 11/19/2017Call StatementLast updated 11/21/2017Class Module Step by StepLast updated 11/21/2017Creating Classes in Visual Basic .NETLast updated 11/21/2017Class Statement (VBScript)Last updated 11/21/2017Const Statement (VBScript)Last updated 11/21/2017VBScript VariablesLast updated 11/21/2017Dim StatementLast updated 11/21/2017Erase StatementLast updated 11/21/2017Character Set (0 - 127)Last updated 11/11/2017 Last updated 11/11/2017Character Set (128 - 255)Last updated 11/11/ updated 11/11/ updated 11/11/ updated 11/11/2017Invalid range in character set (VBScript)Last updated 11/11/2017Operators (VBScript)Last updated 11/12/2017Errors (VBScript)Last updated 11/12/2017VBScript Syntax ErrorsLast updated 11/12/2017VBScript Run-time ErrorsLast updated 11/12/2017vbsscript error codes - where ?Last updated 11/12/2017For...Next StatementLast updated 11/19/2017Chr, ChrW FunctionsLast updated 11/8/2017VBScript is no longer supported in IE11 edge mode Last updated 11/8/2017HTML and DOM API changes list (HTML) - Windows appLast updated 11/8/2017ANSI, DBCS, and Unicode: DefinitionsLast updated 11/8/2017Response.CodePageLast updated 11/10/2017Server-Side Include Directive SyntaxLast updated 5/4/2019Chapter 13: Adding Scripting Support to Your AppliLast updated 11/3/2017Round FunctionLast updated 11/3/2017Data PortabilityLast updated 11/3/2017VBScript Language ReferenceLast updated 11/8/2017VBScript FundamentalsLast updated 11/8/2017VBScript in Internet ExplorerLast updated 11/8/2017Function Statement (VBScript)Last updated 11/22/2017If...Then...Else StatementLast updated 11/22/2017On Error StatementLast updated 11/22/2017Option Explicit StatementLast updated 11/22/2017Private StatementLast updated 11/23/2017Property Let StatementLast updated 11/23/2017Property Get StatementLast updated 11/23/2017Property Set StatementLast updated 11/23/2017Public StatementLast updated 11/23/2017Randomize StatementLast updated 11/23/2017ASP.NET Application Life Cycle Overview for IIS 5.Last updated 5/28/2019ReDim StatementLast updated 11/23/2017ASP.NET Application Life Cycle Overview for IIS 7.Last updated 5/28/2019Much ADO About Text FilesLast updated 11/24/2017Select Case StatementLast updated 11/24/2017Stop StatementLast updated 11/24/2017Sub StatementLast updated 11/24/2017ParamArray must be declared as an array of VariantLast updated 11/17/2017VARTYPE( ) FunctionLast updated 11/17/2017VarType FunctionLast updated 11/17/2017Functions (Visual Basic)Last updated 9/8/2017LCase FunctionLast updated 9/8/2017Err Object (VBScript)Last updated 11/3/2017[MS-ADTS]: LCID-Locale Mapping TableLast updated 11/3/2017UCase FunctionLast updated 9/11/2017LCase Function (Visual Basic)Last updated 9/11/2017Abs FunctionLast updated 9/14/2017Atn FunctionLast updated 9/15/2017Array FunctionLast updated 9/14/2017InputBox FunctionLast updated 11/5/2017Interaction.InputBox Method (String, String, StrinLast updated 11/5/2017CBool FunctionLast updated 9/16/2017Asc FunctionLast updated 11/8/2017Functions (VBScript)Last updated 11/8/2017Chr FunctionLast updated 9/16/2017CDbl FunctionLast updated 9/16/2017CDate FunctionLast updated 9/16/2017CCur FunctionLast updated 9/16/2017CByte FunctionLast updated 9/16/2017Visual Studio 2010Last updated 7/31/2011get key names in vb.netLast updated 11/10/ updated 11/10/2017ANSI Character Codes ChartLast updated 11/3/2017Open File Security WarningLast updated 11/13/2011ObjectContext Class (System.Data.Objects)Last updated 11/3/2017ObjectContext Class (System.Data.Objects)Last updated 11/3/2017Chr, ChrW FunctionsLast updated 11/11/2017HOW TO:建立 Web.config 檔(Visual Studio)Last updated 1/30/2011Differences in String Function Operations [Access Last updated 11/3/2017Supported Platforms (Visual C++)Last updated 7/27/2017String Manipulation SummaryLast updated 11/11/2017Windows Virtual PC (Windows Virtual PC)Last updated 1/26/2018Windows Virtual PC Reference (Windows Virtual PC)Last updated 1/26/2018Microsoft Virtual Server (Microsoft Virtual ServerLast updated 1/26/2018About Microsoft Virtual Server (Microsoft Virtual Last updated 1/26/2018Using Microsoft Virtual Server (Microsoft Virtual Last updated 1/26/2018Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 COM Interface RefereLast updated 1/26/2018Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Reference (MLast updated 1/26/2018Hyper-V WMI ProviderLast updated 1/27/2018Filter FunctionLast updated 9/18/2017Exp FunctionLast updated 9/18/2017FormatCurrency FunctionLast updated 9/18/2017FormatDateTime FunctionLast updated 9/18/2017Response.AddHeader MethodLast updated 11/13/2011InStrRev Function (Visual Basic)Last updated 8/1/2017FileExists MethodLast updated 8/1/2017Response.LCIDLast updated 8/1/2017Windows Virtual PC RC now Available! | Ben ArmstroLast updated 1/30/2018Visual Basic Language FeaturesLast updated 11/11/2017Object Class (System)Last updated 11/3/2017Typographic and Code Conventions (Visual Basic)Last updated 11/11/2017ObjectContext Constructor (String) (System.Data.ObLast updated 11/3/2017Visual Basic Language ReferenceLast updated 11/11/2017Microsoft Data Access Objects referenceLast updated 2/6/2018IIS7 : HOW TO configure a website for HTTPS? – RakLast updated 8/15/2017Optimizing Regex Performance, Part 3 [Ron PetrushaLast updated 2/7/2018Optimizing Regular Expression Performance, Part I:Last updated 2/7/2018Optimizing Regular Expression Performance, Part IILast updated 2/7/2018Working with Zip Files in .NET [Richard Lee] – BCLLast updated 2/7/2018More on Zip in .NET [Richard Lee] – BCL Team BlogLast updated 2/7/2018Using Regular Expressions in Visual StudioLast updated 2/7/2018Using Regular Expressions in Visual StudioLast updated 2/7/2018Visual Basic Programming GuideLast updated 11/11/2017Windows PowerShellLast updated 2/8/2018Program Structure and Code Conventions (Visual BasLast updated 11/11/2017Install Windows PowerShell 2.0Last updated 2/10/2018Class LibraryLast updated 2/21/2018Download Windows PowerShell | PowerShell Team BlogLast updated 2/21/2018Windows PowerShell 2.0 Deprecation | PowerShell TeLast updated 2/21/2018SubMatches CollectionLast updated 12/12/2017Match ObjectLast updated 12/12/2017Objects and CollectionsLast updated 12/12/2017FileSystemObjectLast updated 12/12/2017FileSystemObject IntroductionLast updated 12/12/2017Regular Expression (RegExp) ObjectLast updated 12/12/2017Regular Expression Object Properties and Methods (Last updated 12/12/2017MatchCollection Class (System.Text.RegularExpressiLast updated 12/12/2017EventLog.Exists Method (String) (System.DiagnosticLast updated 12/12/2017.NET Framework Cleanup Tool User’s Guide – Aaron SLast updated 8/28/2016Installing the .NET FrameworkLast updated 8/28/2016.NET DevelopmentLast updated 8/28/2016Arrays in Visual BasicLast updated 12/12/2017Collections (C# and Visual Basic)Last updated 12/12/2017Declaring and Using Event Procedures in VBScriptLast updated 12/12/2017Understanding Objects, Properties, and MethodsLast updated 12/12/2017Type Conversion FunctionsLast updated 11/3/2017Download NowLast updated 8/29/2016PowerShell Core 6.0: Generally Available (GA) and Last updated 2/27/2018INetFwRules interface (Windows)Last updated 12/12/2017System.Collections NamespaceLast updated 12/12/2017CollectionBase Class (System.Collections)Last updated 12/12/2017New for Visual Basic: .NET Standard Class LibrarieLast updated 12/12/2017OpenAsTextStream MethodLast updated 12/16/2017File ObjectLast updated 12/16/2017Folders CollectionLast updated 12/16/2017Files CollectionLast updated 12/16/2017Installing the .NET FrameworkLast updated 9/1/2016Where to Obtain the .NET Framework RedistributableLast updated 9/1/2016Where to Obtain the .NET Framework RedistributableLast updated 9/1/2016Where to Obtain the .NET Framework RedistributableLast updated 9/1/2016Where to Obtain the .NET Framework RedistributableLast updated 9/1/2016Visual Studio 2015 Express limitations and full inLast updated 2/9/2019Close Method (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/16/2017Read MethodLast updated 12/16/2017ReadAll MethodLast updated 12/16/2017ReadLine MethodLast updated 12/16/2017Skip MethodLast updated 12/16/2017SkipLine MethodLast updated 12/16/2017Write Method (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/16/2017WriteBlankLines MethodLast updated 12/16/2017WriteLine Method (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/17/2017AtEndOfLine Property (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/17/2017AtEndOfStream Property (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/17/2017Column Property (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/17/2017Line Property (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/17/2017BuildPath MethodLast updated 12/13/2017CopyFile MethodLast updated 12/13/2017CopyFolder MethodLast updated 12/13/2017CreateFolder MethodLast updated 12/14/2017Server.HTMLEncode MethodLast updated 8/22/2017Server.Transfer MethodLast updated 8/22/2017CreateTextFile MethodLast updated 12/14/2017DeleteFile MethodLast updated 12/14/2017DeleteFolder MethodLast updated 12/14/2017DriveExists MethodLast updated 12/14/2017FileExists MethodLast updated 12/14/2017FolderExists MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetAbsolutePathName MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetBaseName MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetDrive MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetDriveName MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetExtensionName MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetFile MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetFileVersion MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetFileName MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetFolder MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetParentFolderName MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetSpecialFolder MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetStandardStream MethodLast updated 12/14/2017GetTempName MethodLast updated 12/14/2017MoveFile MethodLast updated 12/14/2017MoveFolder MethodLast updated 12/14/2017OpenTextFile MethodLast updated 12/14/2017Drives PropertyLast updated 12/14/2017Drives CollectionLast updated 12/14/2017Drive ObjectLast updated 12/14/2017AvailableSpace PropertyLast updated 12/14/2017DriveLetter PropertyLast updated 12/14/2017DriveType PropertyLast updated 12/14/2017FileSystem PropertyLast updated 12/15/2017FreeSpace PropertyLast updated 12/15/2017IsReady PropertyLast updated 12/15/2017Path Property (FileSystemObject)https://msdn.microLast updated 12/15/2017RootFolder PropertyLast updated 12/15/2017SerialNumber PropertyLast updated 12/15/2017ShareName PropertyLast updated 12/15/2017TotalSize PropertyLast updated 12/15/2017VolumeName PropertyLast updated 12/15/2017Copy Method (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/16/2017Delete MethodLast updated 12/16/2017Move MethodLast updated 12/16/2017Attributes PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017DateCreated PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017DateLastAccessed PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017DateLastModified PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017Drive PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017Files Property (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/16/2017IsRootFolder PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017Name Property (FileSystemObject)Last updated 12/16/2017ParentFolder PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017ShortName PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017ShortPath PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017Size PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017SubFolders PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017Type PropertyLast updated 12/16/2017Folder ObjectLast updated 12/16/2017Add Method (Folders)Last updated 12/16/2017On Error Statement (Visual Basic)Last updated 2/18/2011InStr Function (Visual Basic)Last updated 1/30/2011OutlookLast updated 3/21/2011Colors by NameLast updated 1/30/2011Memory Limits for Windows Releases (Windows)Last updated 1/30/2011Programming Serial ConnectionsLast updated 1/30/2011Writing to a Serial PortLast updated 1/30/2011Internet Explorer Mobile HTML ElementsLast updated 3/20/2011HyperTerminal RS-232 CommunicationsLast updated 1/30/2011Serial Communication Application SampleLast updated 3/22/2011Serial Communication Application SampleLast updated 1/30/2011How to: Add Silverlight to a Web Page by Using HTMLast updated 1/30/2011Chapter 2_ Outlook as a PlatformLast updated 3/17/2011Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1)Last updated 9/20/2016Visual Web Developer ExpressLast updated 1/30/2011Boot Parameters to Configure DEP and PAE (Windows Last updated 1/30/2011/3GB (Windows Driver Kit)Last updated 1/30/2011Path.GetPathRoot Method (String) (System.IO)Last updated 12/20/2017ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool (Aspnet_regiis.exe)Last updated 1/30/2011Using VBScript ObjectsLast updated 12/20/2017How to Create Web.config Files (Visual Studio)Last updated 1/30/2011Editing HTML Pages in Design ViewLast updated 3/20/2011FileSystemObject Reference (Windows Scripting)Last updated 12/20/2017Response.CodePageLast updated 1/30/2011FileSystemObject BasicsLast updated 12/21/2017Response.CharsetLast updated 1/30/2011Serial Communications in Win32Last updated 1/30/2011HyperTerminal Emulation ProtocolsLast updated 1/30/2011ReDim Statement (Visual Basic)Last updated 1/30/2011.NET Framework SamplesLast updated 10/4/2009Visual Basic How Do I Video SeriesLast updated 1/30/2011Visual Basic Developer CenterLast updated 1/30/2011Visual Basic 6.0 DownloadsLast updated 12/21/2017Visual Basic 6.0 Resource CenterLast updated 1/30/2011Visual Basic 6.0 ResourcesLast updated 12/21/2017串行通信?用程序示例Last updated 1/30/2011InStr 函式 (Visual Basic)Last updated 1/30/2011Using VBScript and JScript on a Web PageLast updated 12/21/2017VBScript is no longer supported in IE11 edge mode Last updated 12/21/2017Clinick's Clinic on Scripting: Take FiveLast updated 12/21/2017Office DevelopmentLast updated 12/21/2017Microsoft Office 2003Last updated 12/21/2017MDAC DownloadsLast updated 12/21/2017Division Operator (/) (VBScript)Last updated 12/22/2017Operator Precedence (VBScript)Last updated 12/22/2017Operator Summary (VBScript)Last updated 12/22/2017Visual Studio Regular Expression - Multi line deteLast updated 12/29/2017Microsoft API and Reference CatalogLast updated 12/22/2017HtmlDocument Class (System.Windows.Forms)Last updated 12/22/2017What's in Visual Basic 2005 for the Visual Basic 6Last updated 12/22/2017Windows Management Framework is here! | PowerShellLast updated 2/9/2018Download Visual Studio Express Editions ¡V Dan FerLast updated 12/24/2017Visual Studio 2010Last updated 12/24/2017Spell Checker For Visual Web DeveloperLast updated 1/30/2011Development PC's PerformanceLast updated 1/30/2011WPFFontCache_v0400.exe Is Hogging CPULast updated 2/18/2011serial port - comLast updated 1/30/2011Virtual-Key Codes (Windows)Last updated 12/22/2017ReferenceLast updated 12/22/2017Double-byte Character Sets (Windows)Last updated 12/22/2017The Code-Page ModelLast updated 12/22/2017Internationalization for Windows Applications (WinLast updated 12/22/2017ListBox Class (System.Windows.Forms)Last updated 9/9/2016ADO PropertiesLast updated 9/9/2016DataObject ObjectLast updated 12/23/2017SuperFetch, ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive: some new feLast updated 2/16/2017ReadyBoost – Using Your USB Key to Speed Up WindowLast updated 2/16/2017ReadyBoost Q&A – Tom Archer's BlogLast updated 2/16/2017ASP.NET/HTML Spell Checker for VS 2008 SP1Last updated 1/30/2011Meditating on OLE DB and .NETLast updated 12/23/2017Revisiting the Use of ADO in .NET ApplicationsLast updated 12/23/2017Guidelines (Windows)Last updated 2/19/2017Controls (Windows)Last updated 2/19/2017DesktopLast updated 2/23/2017Desktop App User Interface (Windows)Last updated 2/23/2017DevelopLast updated 2/23/2017Desktop app technologies (Windows)Last updated 2/23/2017Walkthrough: Copying a Web Site Using the Copy WebLast updated 8/5/2011Web Site Deployment in Visual Web DeveloperLast updated 8/5/2011.NET Framework Configuration Tool (Mscorcfg.msc)Last updated 8/5/2011Not able to install Visual studio 2010 express in Last updated 8/5/2011How to create .ISO image fileLast updated 1/7/2018Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) InstallatiLast updated 6/12/2017MDACLast updated 6/12/2017How to: Connect to an Access Database Using the SqLast updated 6/12/2017Hard Links and Junctions (Windows)Last updated 1/10/2018Using PSAPI (Windows)Last updated 1/17/2018Primitive: PsapiLast updated 1/17/2018DebugLast updated 1/17/2018Adding records to a databaseLast updated 8/22/2019FAQ: How do I make a basic Data Access applicationLast updated 8/22/2019Visual Basic .NET General FAQLast updated 8/22/2019Update Access database via OleDB from DataGridViewLast updated 8/22/2019Open URL from javascript without Browser WindowLast updated 3/19/2018#include Directive (Windows)Last updated 4/15/2013HOWTO get Server.Transfer and Response.End in clasLast updated 4/15/2013Creating Simple ASP PagesLast updated 4/15/2013ASPError ObjectLast updated 12/21/2017Server-Side Object Tag SyntaxLast updated 7/31/2011Error when defining a dataRow!!Last updated 8/22/2019ASP OverviewLast updated 4/15/2013ASP OverviewLast updated 4/15/2013Including Files in ASP ApplicationsLast updated 4/15/2013IIS Web Development ReferenceLast updated 4/15/2013IIS ASP Scripting ReferenceLast updated 4/15/2013ASP KeywordsLast updated 4/15/2013Active Server PagesLast updated 4/15/2013Getting Started with ASP MessagingLast updated 4/15/201325+ ASP Tips to Improve 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