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Arduino is an electronic prototyping platform of hardware and software.
More information about Arduino can be found at the Arduino web site.


There are many versions of Arduino board and a list of Arduino boards is available at

Arduino board

The most popular Arduino basic board in 2009 is the Arduino Duemilanove. A detailed description of the broad is summarized on .


Some Arduino Duemilanove reference:

EAGLE files:


Pin mapping for ATmega168 chip:

MCU Chip

The microcontroller of the board is ATmeag168 and ATmega328 can also be used when more memory capacity is needed.

ATmega168 Data sheet:

ATmega328 Data sheet:

USB cable

A standard 'A plug' to 'B plug' USB cable is needed to connect the computer and the Arduino Duemilanove board. With the rectangular USB A plug connects to the computer and the square USB B plug connects to the Arduino.



The software needed are the integrated Arduino development environment and the USB drivers.

Integrated Development Environment, IDE

The open-source Arduino development environment can be downloaded from according to the operating system.

No installation is needed for the Arduino software. Unzip the software files from the zipped file, to a folder and double-click arduino.exe to start the application for writing code and programming the Arduino board.



The USB drivers can be found in the drivers/FTDI USB Drivers folder under the Arduino folder. Or the most updated drivers can be downloaded from of The installation of USB drivers allows the computer to communicate wtih the Arduino board.


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